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Futures Business Voice held a Cyber Security talk for local businesses in Futures House, on Wednesday 8th February 2017. 

Cyber security advisor for Bedfordshire police, Sean O’Neil led the talk and spoke about different scenarios businesses need to be aware of to keep themselves safe including how hackers work, social engineering and how to protect your business from cyber-attacks which are prevalent and capable of bringing down a business.

In attendance were Richard Cooper from Beds Chamber of Commerce and Chair of Futures Business Voice, as well as representatives from local companies.

If you are thinking of how to keep your business safe here are some tips for you.


  • Run regular cyber safety awareness classes for employees

  • Ensure that only staff who need to can gain physical access to computers and servers

  • Enforce strict access to company, employee and customer data

  • Perform regular backups to a reputable service, preferably one that is in cloud and easily assessible when needed.

  • Introduce and reinforce rules about mobile devices, including keeping them safe and using public internet access, as well as use of social media.

  • Have a software policy firmly in place.

  • When disposing of redundant computers, servers and mobile devices.  

  • If your business enables access to its systems externally, take steps to ensure that they have robust technology and processes in place.